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Hiking in Corsica in the spring

In less than a month, spring will be officialy here! Days start to lengthen, the light is enhancing the different landscapes... It is, without a doubt, the best season to visit the island. Hiking in Corsica in the spring, it's enjoying the sight of an exceptional nature long before the crowds begin.

How to prepare for the GR20

The GR20 is known as the toughest trek in Europe. You have to be prepared to maximise your chance to succeed, but above all, to fully enjoy your hike!

5 reasons to spend your holidays hiking in Corsica

If you still need reasons to spend your holidays in Corsica, here's an article for you !

The lakes of Melo and Capitello

The lakes of Melo and Capitello, located in the heart of the island, are some of the most iconic symbols of the Corsican landscape. But you'll have to make some efforts to reach first Melo, and then Capitello: these two treasures of nature have to be earned.

Ajaccio, the best place to live in France

A few days ago, Ajaccio has been elected as the nicest place to live for families by the Figaro magazine in France. The "Imperial City" as we like to call it, is widely known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. But it has so much more to offer that we thought it deserved a full article!

TOP 5 must-see places in Corsica

Your holidays in Corsica get closer and closer everyday, and you're starting to think about all the things you've seen in your guide book about the isle of beauty: the Calanques, the beautiful beaches and the mountains of course... Or maybe you don't know Corsica yet, and you need some ideas for your next holidays ?
Here is the top 5 MUST-SEE places in Corsica !

Travel Essentials When Hiking in Corsica

You planned it months and months ago, you thought about it days and nights and finally, here it is... Your trip is approaching and time has come to start packing your bag. Too afraid to forget something, or maybe too lazy to gather your equipment, we know you keep postponing the task. But one way or another, you will have to start packing. So to help you, we put together a list of must have travel items for your trip to Corsica.

Trail running on the GR20

Over the past few years, trail running has really grown into an extremely popular sport. Combining getting outside, enjoying nature, and doing sport at the same time, trail running offers people the possibility to relieve their stress and reconnect with their primal selves.
The values transmitted by this sport are important and can easily be applied in your everyday life: mutual aid, surpassing yourself, determination and more.
Thus, you can see tons of new races opening every year around the world. And Corsica is no exception to the rule.

The Vizzavona Forest - A taste of the GR20

If you want a taste of the GR20 without putting too much effort in it, the Vizzavona Forest can be a nice option.
The village of Vizzavona represents the limit between the Northern and the Southern part of the GR20 path. From there, you can join the mountain hut of Capanelle in the South (5 hours) or the one of l'Onda (5 hours 30 minutes) in the North.
However, if you are not used to long and difficult hikes, as the GR20 can be, there are other hikes available.

How to be a responsible hiker in Corsica

Hiking and trekking in the Corsican mountains is often something you have dreamt of for a long time. Well, that’s it, you arrived in Corsica and are ready to begin your trek. But to make sure you enjoy your trek in the best way possible, there are some things you have to do (or not!) as a hiker.

The GR20 - The most famous hiking trail in Corsica

If you are used to trekking, especially in Europe, it is almost impossible you never heard of the GR20, often designed as the most difficult hiking trail in Europe. The GR20 is a real “star” in the to-do list of many hikers…

But why is this trail particularly famous? What makes it so legendary, and often considered as the toughest long-distance hike in Europe? Is it truly the most incredible trekking experience you read about everywhere? Here are a few answers.

Let's talk about Corsica !

Corsica is the perfect destination for nature lovers. With a warm climate and the variety of its landscapes, it makes it one of the best places on earth to experience a multitude of outdoor activities, without having to go far!