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Trail running on the GR20

Trail running on the GR20


Over the past few years, trail running has really grown into an extremely popular sport. Combining getting outside, enjoying nature, and doing sport at the same time, trail running offers people the possibility to relieve their stress and reconnect with their primal selves. 
The values transmitted by this sport are important and can easily be applied in your everyday life: mutual aid, surpassing yourself, determination and more.

Thus, you can see tons of new races opening every year around the world. And Corsica is no exception to the rule.
In July 2020, the Restonica Trail  , a well-known race organized every year in Corsica, will open a new racing-format, the Ultra-Trail di Corsica, a 110km race with 7200m of ascent. 




At Discover Corsica, we are natural sport lovers. Used to hike in our Corsican mountains, our guides decided to do something different, and to ride the wave of trail running. That is why we created a new version of our hike on the GR20 in 7 days.

The GR20 in 7 days 
is a very challenging trip for those who are keen of physical efforts. Whether you are a long-distance runner or an experienced trekker used to steep ascents and descents, one of our professional mountain guide will set the pace for you to achieve this challenge. 

You won't necessarily run, if you don't want to. Our guide will adapt to the level of each of you. To be honest, only a few passages allow you to run on the GR20 (unless your name is Killian Jornet of course).

We especially designed the route so you have access to your following luggage every night. Thus, you carry a "daily" bag containing only the necessary equipment for a day of hiking. Lunches will be served at the huts during the trek, so you don't have to worry about carrying the picnic. 

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to read our detailed program on the tour.

See you soon on the GR20 !