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The following conditions apply to our trips in Corsica. Discover Corsica / Couleur Corse is called "the organizer".

General Terms and Conditions are part of the travel contract. All registration forms must be completed and signed by the participant, accompanied by a deposit of 30%. The receipt of this deposit will guarantee the registration, within the limit of the number of places available. In case of acceptance, the balance shall be paid one month prior to departure, without any further notice from us. In case of a registration made less than thirty days prior to departure, the entire trip shall be paid upon booking request.
  • PRICE:
The customer confirms that he read all the information provided on the data sheet sent to him/her with the invoice. Everything that is included or not in the tour is precisely specified on the data sheet. In general, airport taxes, vaccines fees, visas, drinks and site visits are never included in the price, unless stated otherwise in writing. Any change in exchange rates, carriers or other service providers may result in the readjustment of published prices. Prices are established as of 1st of January 2011 on the basis of exchange rates, air fares and ground services known to date and are subject to change by the date of departure. 
Our prices are based on a minimum of participants.
We also offer a wide range of activities and additional services to your hike (hotels, air and boat tickets, seaside holidays, car rentals...). These services are charged with agency fees. 

Please note: our prices are calculated on a flat rate and based on a certain number of nights (not days). Therefore, if the first and last days were shortened, especially because of the schedules imposed by the airlines and shipping companies, no refund could be granted.
Some particularities about our tours: given the particular nature of our tours, we cannot be held responsible, and in debt for any compensation, in case of change in dates, schedules or planned itineraries, especially if these modifications are the results of unforeseen events, climatic variations or compelling circumstances involving the safety of travelers. Each participant must comply with the advice and instructions given by the guide or supervisor of the group. We cannot be held responsible for any incident, accident or bodily injuries that may result from a reckless personal initiative.
- Modifications during the trip:
Acting as an intermediary between, on the one hand, the customer, and on the other hand, the service providers (carriers, hotels, charterers, local agencies, etc.), the agency cannot be confused with the latter, which, in any case, retain their own responsibility. If the dates of your trip are modified due to a disruption of air traffic, we cannot be held responsible and you will be asked to contribute to the extra costs incurred. If we were unable to provide some of the planned commitments, we would do our utmost to replace them with equivalent services. We may be obliged, if circumstances so require, to substitute one means of transport for another, a hotel for another, to take an alternative route or to cancel some excursions. Note that these exceptional modifications will not give rise to any compensation from us. The buyer cannot refuse them without strong and valid reasons.
- Self-guided tours:
These tours are self-guided. There must be at least two people. The participants must have experience in mountain hiking, map reading and orientation. They also require good physical condition. The road book is written according to our own knowledge of the field. The information is checked regularly, but is subject to change. Sometimes errors can occur if the path has changed before we had time to change it on the road book. Therefore, you must always follow where you are on the map so that you can always make sure that you are on the right path. 
It is really important to stay informed about weather reports and unforeseen events (fire, strikes, or other conditions) during the trip. The organizer cannot be held responsible for incidents and accidents due to a poor reading of maps or the road book, or to non-compliance with safety rules. 
- Tailor-made tours:
For tailor-made tours, the sale conditions of the different service providers replace that of Corsica Discover / Couleur Corse. They are calculated and applied accordingly in case of cancellation or interruption of the stay.
From you:

Any cancellation by the customer must be made in writing, and cancellation must be confirmed by Discover Corsica / Couleur Corse in order to be valid. The total amount is calculated according to the following:
- If cancelled more than 30 days prior to departure, the customer pays administration fees of 50€
- If cancelled between 30 and 21 days prior to departure, the customer pays 35% of the price of the trip
- If cancelled between 20 and 7 days prior to departure, the customer pays 50% of the price of the trip
- If cancelled less than 6 days prior to departure, the customer pays the entire price of the trip.

If you subscribed to a cancellation insurance, these amounts will be refunded by your insurance company (except for the subscription price of the insurance) if cancellation is justified.
* Special conditions apply for airline and ferry tickets purchased through Discover Corsica / Couleur Corse: the customer may have to pay up to 100% of the price of the purchased tickets. Cancellation policy is regulated by the airline and ferry companies' specific cancellation policies.

The traveler has the right to transfer his/her trip to another person if this person meets all the necessary conditions to participate, if we have not already made a reservation in your name. Special rules apply to airline tickets.

In case of interruption of the trip: any stay that is interrupted or shortened, or any other service that is not used by the customer (for any reason) will not be refunded, even upon return.

From us:
If we have to cancel a trip for reasons beyond our control, we will offer, as far as possible, an alternative trip or we will refund you entirely. However, if we have to cancel a trip due to a lack of participants, you will be notified no later than 21 days prior to the scheduled departure date. We will offer you various options, at current price, or a full refund of the amount paid. No further compensation will be paid. 

The traveler must comply with the payment deadlines and have the necessary travel documents as passport, flight tickets and insurance documents upon departure. Travel insurance is mandatory. The traveler is obliged to carefully follow Discover Corsica/Couleur Corse recommendations regarding the necessary clothing and equipment for the trip. The traveler is obliged to abide by the rules given by local authorities and Discover Corsica/Couleur Corse representatives, and must not act as a nuisance to fellow travelers or others. The traveler must take responsibility for following traffic rules and be moderate with alcohol consumption along the way. 
In accordance with the law, we have a professional civil liability insurance (Assurance Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle). Each participant has his/her own individual liability. In order to protect you in the event of an accident or incident that may occur during the trip, you must have a travel insurance covering the cost of cancellation, assistance, and repatriation.

Discover Corsica / Couleur Corse offers a combined cancellation and return insurance through the insurance company ASSUREVER. This insurance is valid for any trip below 2000€ per person.
Price of this insurance depends of your country of residence:
  • You live in France:
The multirisk insurance costs 39€, and 49€ with the sanitary option.
  • You live outside of France (any other country):
The multirisk insurance costs 79€, and 99€ with the sanitary option.
For trips above 2000€ per person, please consult us.
This insurance is optional and must be taken out at the time of you registration.
Any complaint and claim related to your trip must be sent in writing to Couleur Corse (who must confirm that the complaint is valid) within 30 days after the return date of the trip. It will be subject to review by the commercial court in Ajaccio.

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