Discover Corsica

The team of Discover Corsica

Twenty years ago, Laetizia and Manu founded Discover Corsica/Couleur Corse, a travel agency specializing in organizing nature-based trips. Manu is a High Mountain Guide, climbing and canyoning instructor, and shares his passion by accompanying clients in the field. Laetizia brings her creativity and organizational skills to the agency, designing and realizing dream trips. Always attentive to travelers seeking a change of scenery, together they create itineraries and reveal their nature-rich island.

Couleur Corse is now a small team based in Ajaccio. It consists of nature enthusiasts, explorers, mountain lovers, climbers, ski raiders, trail enthusiasts, and more. We have all the energy and knowledge of the island's every nook to create the most beautiful circuits. Our goal is to show you Corsica in a different light, through hiking, of course, but also by exploring the island's rivers through canyoning, its shores by kayak, or meeting its cliffs through climbing. For families, we offer mountain stays that allow you to try out these activities for a week. For us, the essential thing is always to enable you to live a magical experience, leaving with a mind full of images, memories, and lived moments!

Whether you're alone, with family, or friends, our trips and courses are designed for non-specialists and led by professionals. They are accessible to everyone, from beginners wanting to try an activity to practitioners wishing to safely discover the hidden corners of the Island of Beauty.

Girls of the office

"Girls of the office"... are your first contact with Discover Corsica / Couleur Corse. Every day, they answer your calls and emails, provide you with practical and technical information, and tailor circuits for you. At the risk of being cliché, with us, "the women hold the fort." So, let us introduce them to you.


The team of Discover Corsica

Laetizia, co-founder of Discover Corsica / Couleur Corse, is the mainstay of the house. In a way, like a snail, she carries the office on her back. With the phone around her neck and often the laptop under her arm, she answers you in the evening, on weekends, at the top of a needle of Bavella or during a ski tour. As the captain of the ship, she boosts the team when fatigue sets in at the end of the season.

Laetizia, she's our Power Girl!


The team of Discover Corsica

Cyrielle, a great traveler originally from Lorraine, settled in Corsica 3 years ago. She immediately felt at home and has a unique talent for advising you with utmost clarity. Attentive, she can guide you and remembers all the clients! During the season, she also loves accompanying you in the field driving the minibus and motivating you!
  • Her most beautiful trips: Nepal, New Zealand, the American West, Iceland
  • Her favorite movie: "Into the Wild" for the beauty in the pursuit of happiness
  • Her favorite experience in Corsica: the GR20 trail in 7 days, to the extent that she has done it twice!
  • Her key phrase: "nothing happens by chance"
  • Her next challenge: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

Team on the field : our mountain guides

Manu and Cedric
Manu, co-founder of Discover Corsica / Couleur Corse, has been exploring the trails of the island for a long time. As a High Mountain Guide, he designs a comprehensive winter program to discover the White Corsica, as well as the Alps and other countries around the world through ski touring. He shares this professional adventure with Cédric, his friend and longtime climbing partner through "Montagnes de Corse" and "Raid à Ski," the mountaineering, climbing, and ski touring branch of Couleur Corse! As true enthusiasts, they also provide skiers and mountaineers, depending on snow conditions, with numerous mountaineering routes on the island.

Cédric and Manu are our experts, and it's very handy to have them on hand when, at the beginning of the season, the snow conditions on certain sections of the GR20 require skills beyond those of our guides.


The team of Discover Corsica

Honoring the elders, honoring the handsome blond, tanned, and muscular Paul Santacrocce. Paul has been taking care of his hikers meticulously for...! Back in the days when guided hiking in Corsica was in its infancy, with big backpacks and bivouacs. It was the era of very artisanal hiking and all the anecdotes that go with it. Eager for a new season to begin, he wanders through his mountains with even more pleasure, sprinkling some juicy anecdotes along the way. In the heart of summer, he temporarily abandons the trails and swaps the backpack for a wetsuit. He guides thrill-seekers through the canyons of the South.
Watch him jump, dive, swim, and you'll see that if Paul is a bit of our memory, he's not our dinosaur. There's a reason we call Paul "Paulo la science" (Paul the science) because he knows his stuff!


The team of Discover Corsica

Her real name is Cinzia, but everyone calls her Cin (pronounced "tchin"). Cheers! Cheers! A name predestined for this lively and energetic young lady. Cin is quite young. With a degree in STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities) and the accompanying diploma in her pocket, she joined our little family of guides. On the trails, she loves it when it's steep, a little thunderstorm here and there, or a good gust of wind. In short, a bit of adversity to pamper you better.
o, machos, beware if, deceived by her pretty face, you want to show her who's the toughest. You might end up, exhausted, in her backpack by the end of the stage. And that doesn't scare her either. But don't be mistaken, Cinzia is not our Calamity Jane. She puts her strength at the service of hikers, attentive to each one, always there to help you.


The team of Discover Corsica

Hailing from Franche-Comté, Yvan landed at Couleur Corse in 2015, and he stayed! Captivated by the island and passionate about his job as a guide, he thrives in the company of people he meets through hiking. Since 2019, he has also been a canyoning instructor, revealing the secrets of the rivers. On the field, we appreciate his calm and patience, as well as his sense of humor, sometimes very useful to lighten the mood when nature plays tricks on us!
In life, he is a true hedonist, and if he's not off recharging in the heights of Balagne, you'll find him in his garden or hanging on to his guitar. Walking with Yvan is experiencing a timeless moment and relearning to open your eyes to better gaze at the stars.


The team of Discover Corsica

Guide in Corsica for more than 10 years, Géraldine tirelessly traverses the famous GR20 each year but also appreciates more secluded places! She is familiar with Couleur Corse's clients. Recently, she completed a Guide Lecturer training at the University of Corte to enrich her knowledge of history. Because Corsica is not only a beautiful island, it is also a land rich in its unique history, crossed for centuries by all the currents of the Mediterranean.
n the fall, when the weather turns, Géraldine returns home to Girolata and immerses herself in the exciting stories of great historians, adventurers of the sea, or the mountains. Before heading sometimes to the other side of the world, to Nepal or Patagonia, to taste other mountains, other cultures.
Sensitive to nature, patient, and passionate, she is always ready for a new adventure! Perhaps you will have the chance to cross paths with her on the trails with Couleur Corse.


The team of Discover Corsica

Matéo, who fell into the pot when he was little, grew up on the paths of Corsica, and it was only natural for him to become a mountain guide 7 years ago. A traveler, he wandered for some time in Latin America and also in Ireland, which allowed him to learn other languages and cultures without renouncing his own. It is in Corsica that he truly feels at home, especially in the Taravo Valley. His loyalty to his homeland makes him an outstanding guide, as he knows his island, its inhabitants, its language, and the secrets of the plants and animals that populate its mountains. It's these moments of genuine sharing that he enjoys most in his profession.
lso a canyoning instructor in the summer, he is known for his unwavering patience: always there to take those who need it by the hand... because Corsican mountains and rivers have their fair share of thrills!


The team of Discover Corsica

Young guide Serge's main passion is making the stay enjoyable for those eager to discover the Corsican mountains. A lover of history (and stories...), he will immerse you in the past to better understand the present! Tireless, he will take you with a smile on your face for some "bonus" if the group's motivation is present. But don't worry, he loves just as much to review the day, laughing over a drink at the refuge.
n winter, he swaps his shorts and sneakers to face the cold and snow wherever possible...
n one way or another, you will surely cross paths with him this summer on the trails of Corsica!