Discover Corsica

They hiked with Discover Corsica...

We share here some experiences lived by our clients; whether it's the crazy adventure of the GR20 or a Mare a Mare circuit, they all decided to trust us to organize their hiking trip in Corsica, and we thank them for that!

They hiked with Discover Corsica...

Eyal & Eylam from Israel - The entire GR20 self-guided

All organization and logistics worked up smoothly and professionally.
Also the communication with you prior to arriving to corsica, on our planning phase, was professional and supporting. Moreover, the guardians in each of the refuges' were hospitable, professional, and welcoming. If it is possible please send them our gratitude. In one case due to stormy weather in the way to ascu, they helped us to get out of the trail and find transport to ascu. Since you do not have in your firm room for suggestion, we attach our only suggestion: the arrival description to vizavone hotel monte d'oro is not clear. We reccomend that you revise it. Also it appears that the map might not be consistent with this part - it is recomended that you check. Thank you for everything.

Matthias and Silke from Germany - Self guided "From the mountains to the sea"

All arrangements went well (transport, hotels, food) and we had a great time on the self guided trek, which included or was augmented by detours (lac de Nino, Scandola, Capu d‘ Orto from Piana). Thank you !!

Richard from Australia - Self-guided "Mare e Monti"

It is a tremendous walk and although we had a couple of hiccups it was well-arranged and organized. Landscapes were spectacular! Great variety and great surprises along the way, thank you for everything!

Nadine from Germany - Guided GR20 North

The tour was very well organized. All the tents, dormitories and rooms were as expected and very well picked. Mattheo was an excellent guide. He always had the needs and feelings of his clients in mind and helped everyone as good as possible. Also during the period, where everyone was sick, he gave us all the feeling, that there is an alternative solution and helped us very good through this difficult time. He always helped us in difficult situations/parts on the track and had a very good view on who needs to stay close to him while hiking and who would not need help. He made us feel included in the group even though we could not speak French. Overall he is a very good guide and I would recommend to keep him also in the future :-)
I would have some recommendation for the future:
1) Please add to the packing list a hand sanitizer because the hygienic conditions were very poor at the refuges. (Otherwise the list is perfect!)
Thank you !

Elisabeth from England - The entire GR20 - Guided

It was hard but very rewarding. Xavier guided us expertly, explaining the terrain before we attempted it and looking after the whole group. We got a real sense of the Corsican life and the mountains. Highlights were swimming in icy mountain pools, a night at a shepherd's hut and playing boule with another shepherd we met along the way. Our group were lovely despite us speaking little French we bonded very quickly. A epic experience with many memories to cherish.

Eleanor from New-Zealand - Guided GR20 North

Very well organized, our guide was very kind, competent and knowledgeable. The scenery was incredible and I really was able to enjoy it without having to worry about the logistics of the hike. The group I was with was very kind and even though my French isn’t perfect they were very patient. The only thing I would say is there were limited food options for vegetarians at some of the refuges and including a jar of hummus or peanut butter with the snacks would be a nice addition to the snacks in the future. Merci beaucoup!!