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Classic hiking trails in Corsica

The GR20 may be the most famous hiking trail in Corsica, but it is not the ONLY one. Sometimes hikers just want to discover the beautiful nature of the island without engaging in the most difficult long-distance trail in Europe... Here are some of the most beautiful hiking trails you can discover in Corsica, apart from the GR20.

From the mountains to the sea: the most varied one

Classic hiking trails in Corsica

From the mountains to the sea... Everything is in the title! This tour offers a great variety of landscapes. It goes through every stage of vegetation, from the highest summits of the island to the sea, with a memorable finish in the Gulf of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the program: Corte, the historical capital of Corsica, a short getaway on the GR20 with the visit of the Radule shepherds’ huts, a day at the Ninu Lake – one of the most beautiful mountain lakes of the island - , medium mountain landscapes with chestnut groves, Corsican maquis, small mountain villages… and  of course a lot of daily bathing in rivers.

The perfect tour for those wanting to discover Corsica at its best !

Guided or self-guided : choose your way of discovering this tour.

Mare e Monti: between maquis and the sea

Classic hiking trails in Corsica
Between the sea and Corsican maquis, this hiking trail goes along the West coast of the island. Beginning in the north of Corsica, in the same village as the GR20 - Calenzana - this 10-stage trek ends in Cargèse.

We decided to choose the best and most beautiful part of the trek to create a 6-day itinerary: Piana and its “Calanche”, the Gulf of Porto and its marine, the small fishing village of Girolata, only accessible by foot or by boat…
It is mainly a coastal hike with small detours in inland areas. You will also walk in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We also offer the possibility to hike on the southern part of the Mare Monti, from Ajaccio to Propriano ; this 4-day hike is a easier one and could be good start if you're not an expert hiker.

The Mare Monti can be a guided or self-guided tour.

Mare a mare: go south !

This itinerary full of charm, history and prehistory is a true immersion in the Corsican culture

The original itinerary goes from Porto-Vecchio to Propriano ; we made the choice to add a true alpine touch, by crossing the spectacular Aiguille de Bavella, a must-see and a emblematic place of the Corsican mountains. Apart from the beauty of the place, discovering the massif of Bavella allows you to enjoy another kind of landscape on the Mare a Mare, which contrasts with the middle-sized mountains and the typical villages of the Alta Rocca region that you will cross along your hike.
This hike is one of the less difficult we offer (which doesn't mean it is easy!) and can be self-guided
Classic hiking trails in Corsica

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