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The GR20

Getaway on the GR20

Guided tour. The GR20 is known as the toughest hiking trail in Europe. Walking by the wild paths of the GR20, we climb through the massif of Renoso and find ourselves each night in a comfortable gite or small mountain lodge. An original way of discovering the natural areas crossed by this famous trail.

LEVEL: Middle | SEASON: Summer | DURATION: 6 days | PRICE: 890 € / person

GR20 South

The GR20 south is varied, with high mountain ridges, rocky areas and open plains. You feel close to the Mediterranean in east during the entire time, and you really get the feeling of being on an island while wandering most of the hike over 1500m. GR20 South is less rocky and challenging than GR20 South. However, you shall not underestimate the streneous ascents.

LEVEL: Hard | DURATION: 6 days | PRICE: 890€ / person

GR20 North

Guided tour. The Northern part of the GR20 is the most alpine part of this famous Corsican trail: big height differences, rocky terrain and very steep passages... But with its valleys, hills, ridges, peaks and lakes, the landscape is magnificent. Embark on an unforgettable journey in the heart of the beautiful Corsican mountains.

LEVEL: Very hard | SEASON: Summer | DURATION: 6 days | PRICE : 890€ / person

The GR20 trail in 13 days

Guided tour. The GR20 trail crosses the island by following the high mountain range that forms the natural boundary between the two departments of Corsica. From Calvi (north west) to Porto Vecchio (south east), this hike offers fantastic sceneries and a taste of the authentic and traditional life in the mountains. Thanks to our logistics, you avoid to bring a heavy rucksack that significantly increases your pleasure to walk.

LEVEL: Very hard | SEASON: Summer | DURATION: 13 days | PRICE: 1690 € / person

The GR20 trail in 7 days

Guided tour. The GR20 in 7 days is a very challenging trip for those who are keen of physical efforts. Whether you are a long-distance runner or an experienced trekker used to rough terrain and steep descents, a professional mountain guide will set the pace for you to achieve this real challenge.

LEVEL: Very hard | SEASON: Summer | DURATION: 8 days (7 days of walking) | PRICE: 1190 € / person