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The GR20 trail in 7 days

Guided tour. The entire GR20 in 7 days is a verry challenging trip for those who are keen of physical efforts. Summits, torrents and impressive passes await you on this journey. Whether you are a long-distance runner or an experienced trekker used to rough terrain and steep descends, a progressional mountain guide will set the pace for you to achieve this beautiful challenge.


Program of your guided GR20 in Corsica

Day 1 - Sunday: Calvi/Bonifatu - Ascu
A serious warm-up. From the forest of Bonifatu, we walk up the small valley of Spasimata by a long path spattered with granit slabs. After hiking by the Lake of the Muvrella we pass the Bocca di Stagnu and go down to the high valley of Ascu.
Night at the lodge of Ascu Stagnu.
Duration: 5 hours / Up: +1430m / Down: -600m / 10,7 km

Day 2 - Monday: Ascu - Vergio
A long stage in the high mountains. At the heart of the Monte Cintu massif, we pass the “Great Barrier” via the alternative path to the Cirque de la Solitude. The landscapes of the high summits offer a stunning panoramic view from the Pointe Des Éboulis. Terrain is less rough at the end of the stage, approaching the pass of Vergio.
Night at the lodge of Castel di Vergio.
Duration: 9 hours / Up: +1980m / Down: -1910m / 24,6 km

Day 3 - Tuesday: Vergio - Grotelle
A varied but beautiful stage. This stage is much easier and brings us on the shore of the Ninu Lake and to the plateau of Camputile. We reach the Capitellu breach before walking down to the Grotelle shepherds’ huts via the lakes.
Night under a tent at the shepherds’ huts of Grotelle.
Duration: 8 hours / Up: +1300m / Down: -1320m / 23,5 km

Day 4 - Wednesday: Grotelle - Vizzavona
A challenging day. We join the GR20 in Bocca Muzella by the wild path of the Cirque des Cascades. We walk by the refuge of Petra Piana and reach the refuge of Onda by a spectacular crest path, where we will eat the bruccio canelloni of the keeper. We have to return to the Muratellu breach before starting our descent to the pass of Vizzavona.
Night at the lodge of Vizzavona.
Duration: 8 hours 30min / Up: +1950m / Down: -2190m / 22,5 km

Day 5 - Thursday: Vizzavona - Verde
A « resting » stage. This stage is on an easier terrain on the side of the mountain. In the shadows of Larici pines and beech trees, we walk at the whim of shepherds’ huts. You have a panoramic view over the east coast and the close islands.
Night at the lodge of the pass of Verde.
Duration: 7 hours / Up: +1200m / Down: -1010m / 26 km

Day 6 - Friday: Verde - Bassetta
An ethereal stage. After a steep ascent to the Bocca di l’Oru, we walk on the long crest to the Cuscionu plateau. The terrain is varied; following the path of statues, a panoramic view await you. A break at the refuge of Usciolu allows you to rest a little after this demanding stage.
Night at the lodge of Bassetta.
Duration: 7 hours 30min / Up: +1710m / Down: -1720m / 25,5 km

Day 7 - Saturday: Basseta - Bavella / Ajaccio
Last but not least. After crossing the lawns of Cuscionu and ascending the Incudine, you can start to see the Aiguilles of Bavella. Walking through these stunning landscapes is one of the highlight of the GR20. After one last descent offering an amazing view on the two shores of Corsica, we join the pass of Bavella which marks the end of our trip through the heart of the mountains.
Duration: 7 hours 30min / Up: +1440m / Down: -1550m / 19,5 km

Practical information

Very hard.
This is the most difficult tour we offer. For very experienced hikers, used to intense effort and long-distance trail running.

In lodges, shepherds huts or hotels.

By a fully licenced mountain guide who knows Corsica perfectly and who is specialised in mountain running.

We transfer your following luggage to each accommodation ; you have access to it every night. 
You a "daily" bag containing only the necessary equipment for a day of hiking. Weight should not be higher than 4kg, including water.

  • From Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th of June
  • From Sunday 25th of June to Saturday 1st of July
  • From Sunday 9th to Saturday 15th of July
  • From Sunday 30th of July to Saturday 5th of August
  • From Sunday 27th of August to Saturday 2nd of September
  • From Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th of September
  • From Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd of September


990€ per person
Guaranteed departure from 6 participants

This price includes:
- Pick-up charge from the meeting in Calvi to the end of the trek in Ajaccio
- Transfers
- Full board accommodations
- Guiding by a licensed mountain guide
- Luggage transfers between each accommodation

This price does not include:
- Beverages and personal expenses
- Snacks
- Repatriation and cancellation insurance
- All that is not written in "this price includes"