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The GR20 trail in 13 days

Guided tour. The GR20 crosses the island by following the high mountain range that forms the natural boundary between the two departments of Corsica. From Calvi (north west) to Porto Vecchio (south east), this trek offers fantastic sceneries and a taste of the authentic and traditional life in the mountains. The GR20 is known to be the toughest trek in Europe. But thanks to our logistics, you avoid to bring a heavy rucksack that significantly increases your pleasure to walk.

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The GR20 trail in 13 days

Highlights of the trek

► The historical route of the GR20 + some "off-road" extras with your guide
► A good training before tackling the GR20 North
► An experienced and licensed mountain guide specialised on the GR20 
► Luggage transfers between the accommodations

Program of your guided GR20 in Corsica

Day 1: Bavella - Asinau
You meet your guide in Ajaccio early in the morning. Transfer to Bavella. We take the Alpine Variant to pass through the heart of the Bavella massif. We are surrounded by peaks and ravines and the view is magnificent. Night at the refuge of Asinau.

Day 2: Asinau - Bassetta
We take the trail that leads up to the summit of Alcudina (2135m), our first summit above 2000m. The landscape becomes smoother while crossing the Plateau du Cuscionu. 
Night at the shepherds' hut of Bassetta or I Crocci. You will have access to your following luggage. 

Day 3: Bassetta - Usciolu
We leave the plateau and joins the Arête des statues (the statues ridge). We find our way between these strange granite boulders shaped by the wind.
Night at refuge of Usciolu.

Day 4: Usciolu - Prati/Verde
We still walk on the ridge and overlook the Mediterranean Sea. This long and great day leads us to the Verde Pass. On the way, we climb Punta Capella (2041m).
Night at the refuge of Prati or at the lodge Col de Verde. You will have access to your following luggage. 

Day 5: Prati/Verde - Capanelle
We pass through some idyllic spots and visit remote stone shepherds huts. We walk between the surprising water holes of Pozzi du Renoso, and continue easily to our lodge. Night at the lodge of Capanelle.You will have access to your following luggage. 

Day 6: Capanelle - Vizzavona
By and old mule track, we arrive at the Palmente Pass (1640m). We enjoy the magnificent scenery on Diana's and Urbino's ponds and a beautiful view to the east coast. Descent through Vizzavona beech grove. Transfer to Ajaccio.

Day 7: Vizzavona - L'Onda
We walk up along the Agnone river and reach Punta Muratellu (2141m). After this long and steep slope, the view on the highest peaks is a good reward for our efforts. We descend to the refuge of l'Onda that we can see far underneath. Night at the refuge of l'Onda.

Day 8: Onda - Petra Piana
Depending on the weather conditions, we follow the exposed ridge of Pinzi Corbini (2021m) or we walk down to the Manganellu river that we follow upwards; plenty of bathing possibilities. A last steep slope and we join the small refuge of Petra Piana.Night at the refuge of Petra Piana.

Day 9: Petra Piana - Vaccaghja
We first walk up to the Haute Route Pass (2206m) and then we follow the edge that overlooks the Melu and Capitellu lakes. After the Bocca a e Porte Notch (2225m), we go down a wild valley to the refuge of Manganu and continue easily to the shepherds' hut of Vaccaghja.Night at the shepherds' hut of Vaccaghja.

Day 10: Vaccaghja - Vergio
We walk easily through a beech grove and reach the Ninu lake surrounded by green lawns. From the top of Capu a u Tozzu (2007m), we have a fantastic panorama to the Niolu valley and the next stages.Night at the lodge Castel di Vergio.

Day 11: Vergio - Ballone
Change of scenery: we enter the volcanic massif "La Grande Barrière" and climb up the upper Golo valley, until reaching the Col of Foggiale.Night under a tent at the shepherds' huts of Ballone.

Day 12: Ballone - Asco
An impressive and strenuous day in high mountains. We walk up the Crucetta valley to the top of Pointe des Eboulis (2600m). Depending on the weather and the physical shape of the group, we climb the Monte Cintu (2706m), the highest mountain of Corsica.Night at the lodge Le Chalet at Ascu Stagnu.

Day 13: Asco - BonifatuA short but steep slope leads us to the Muvrella Pass and we descend the deep Spasimata valley surrounded by sharp peaks. Some exposed passages on slabs are equipped with chains. We cross the famous Spasimata footbridge and arrive at the refuge.Arriving in Bonifatu and transfer to Calvi.

Most of the hikers choose this tour ; but we can organize a "hybrid" version for the purists. You can do the entire GR20 in its original version, from Conca to Calenzana in 16 days. But the first and lasts stages will be self-guided ; of course we give you a detailed roadbook with IGN maps and descriptions of the stages.
Do not hesite to contact us for more details.

Practical information

Mountain hut, lodge or bivouac

By a licensed mountain guide

You only have to walk with your personal belongings and a part of your picnic (about 7 kilos / person). You will have access to your whole bag 6 times during the week

Every Sunday from the end of May to mid-September


Very hard : average daily walking time between 6 and 8 hours, with an ascent of 800 m or more. More than 10 days of walking in a row. This trek is considered as the toughest one in Europe.
Day Walking time Ascent+ Descent- Km
1 4h00 +810 -410 6,7 km
2 5h30 +710 -900 12,3 km
3 4h30 +630 -210 8,4 km
4 7h00 +790 -1240 14,5 km
5 6h00 +850 -520 18,6 km
6 5h00 +220 -890 15,3 km
7 6h40 +1220 -710 11.8 km
8 6h00 +1170 -130 12.6 km
9 6h00 +630 -890 11.3 km
10 5h30 +350 -550 13.8 km
11 6h00 +730 -720 13.4 km
12 8h00 +1240 -1200 8.9 km
13 7h00 +680 -1530 9.6 km

At time of registration, we give you an information note concerning the GR20. You need to fill in and sign this note ; it allows us to evaluate your level and form our guided groups. One of our moutain guide may contact you if he/she has doubts concerning your ability to complete the trek.

Terrain : it is uneven and very stony on long distances. Some short portions require easy scrambling and some one more exposed portion is equipped with chains to secure the hikers.

For who? For very experienced hikers with good physical shape. You must be used to hike several days in a row with big ascents and very poor accommodations comfort. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are uncertain about your level.


1690€ per person
Guaranteed departure from 6 participants

This price includes:
- Pick-up charge from the meeting in Ajaccio to the end of the trek in Calvi
- Transfers
- Full boards, including snacks during the walk
- Guiding by a licensed mountain guide
- Transfers of your baggage to the accommodations accessible by road

This price does not include:
- Beverages and personal expenses
- Transfers not included in the program (abandonment, injury, fatigue, etc.)
- Repatriation and cancellation insurance
- All that is not written in "this price includes"