Discover Corsica

Practical information


In accordance with the regulations, we have a professional civil liability insurance (Assurance Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle). Each participant has his own individual liability. In order to protect you in the event of an accident or incident that may occur during the trip, you must have a travel insurance covering the cost of cancellation, assistance and repatriation. 

Insurances: in accordance with the legislation, we have a liability insurance. Each participant must have his/her own individual liability insurance.
We offer a multirisk insurance ASSUREVER (cancellation and repatriation), along with an option “sanitary protection”. This insurance is valid for any trip below 2000€ per person.
Price of this insurance depends of your country of residence!
  • You live in France:
The multirisk insurance costs 39€, and 49€ with the sanitary option.
  • You live outside of France (any other country):
The multirisk insurance costs 79€, and 99€ with the sanitary option.
For trips above 2000€ per person, please consult us.
This insurance is optional and must be taken out at the time of you registration.


For each trip we offer, we have created a travel folder where you will find practical information about the trip, hiking descriptions, maps and necessary equipment. It is important that you read the itinerary very carefully to ensure that you have planned your trip well and that the program meets your expectations (level, comfort, landscapes...) and that you have all the necessary equipment. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Price: For each trip, accurate information about services included or not is provided.

In general, what is included:
- Full boards
- A road book with a detailed description of each stage and IGN maps extracts
- Road map
- Booking of the accommodations

What is not included:
- Personal expenses
- Beverages
- Cancellation and repatriation insurance
- All that is not written in "this price includes"



The things you must always have with you:
- Passport
- European health insurance card
- Insurance number and telephone number of your insurance company (24-hour number)
- Any prescription and necessary medications
- Money (Euro)

Hiking equipment:
f your shoes hurt, your bag is ruined or your rain jacket leaks, it is not possible to replace them on the hike. That is why you need to choose your equipment carefully.For more information on how to choose your equipment, click here.  

Personal expenses:
Except in main cities, you will have difficulties to find ATM, and credit cards are rarely accepted. Thus, you have to take enough cash with you to cover your personal expenses.



We cannot make general statements about accommodations, as the standard of service vary from one to another. However, know that:

- Hotels offer two or three beds rooms of simple comfort
- Lodges are accommodations with low comfort. You sleep in 4 to 8 people dorms, and share the toilets and bathrooms with all the hikers staying in the lodge. However, some lodges offer superior service.
- Rooms can be in a lodge, in host families...

If not specified otherwise, tours in mountain huts, lodge or sheepherds' huts require a sleeping bag. These accommodations do not provide sheets or bedcover.