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Hiking in Corsica in the spring

In less than a month, spring will be officialy here! Days start to lengthen, the light is enhancing the different landscapes... It is, without a doubt, the best season to visit the island. Hiking in Corsica in the spring, it's enjoying the sight of an exceptional nature long before the crowds begin.  

"In the spring, the maquis awakens..."

The first advantage of hiking in Corsica during spring time, is to discover the local fauna and flora in the best conditions. The maquis is floroushing, and we can try to guess its different essences: cistus, sweet chestnuts, olive trees, fig trees, orange trees, brooms, mimosa, lavender, and of course myrtle from which we fabricate the most famous Corsican liqueur!

In May, temperatures are mild: with an average of 22°C, the weather is ideal to walk. Hiking trails along the coast or in low altitude in general are the best way to go during this period. The light enhances the contrasts between the white of the snow remaining on some summits, green maquis and turquoise water. Imagine taking your first bath of the year while enjoying the view of snowy mountains on the horizon... just like a dream, right ?

Another advantage to come hiking in Corsica in the spring is that you avoid the summer crowd. Not only you benefit from the best weather conditions, but you are also almost (I said almost) alone on the hiking trails. Moreover, flight or boat companies often offer better prices at this period!

And last but not least, spring is also the season of Brocciu, this "fromage frais" with a delicate flavour which can be tasted only in summer. If you don't know it already, it is the most emblematic cheese of the island. Made from goat or sheep's milk, it is a fresh cream cheese which can be served plain or cooked in many different ways...

Here are some of the tours we recommend in the spring.

From the mountains to the sea: the MUST-SEE !

Maybe the most beautiful hiking trail in Corsica ? Beginning from Corte, you explore the luxuriant valley of the Niolu, before joining the Lac de Ninu: a true natural treasure in the middle of Corsican mountains. Through the splendid Aitone forest with its natural pools, you hike progressively down to the village of Evisa, to finish in Porto and its gulf.


Mare e Monti: a trek in a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

For those who want to admire the sea from every angle, the Mare e Monti is the ideal itinerary. But beautiful does not mean easy! It is a steep trail continuously going up and down. You access hidden coves between two cliffs, and splendid landscapes ponctuate your daily hike: Porto's gulf, the fishing village of Girolata, the Nature Reserve of Scandola, the gulf of Galeria... It is a unique opportunity to discover these magical places !


Mare a Mare: next stop, South Corsica !

This itinerary begins at the foot of the Bavella needles ; this renowned but unlikely rock formation is one of the most spectacular ones in Corsica! From one village to another, follow the steps of the Mare a Mare Sud. You will crosse the Alta Rocca, the "land of the lords", a region full of history...


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