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The Vizzavona Forest - A taste of the GR20

<h2>The Vizzavona Forest - A taste of the GR20</h2>
If you want a taste of the GR20 without putting too much effort in it, the Vizzavona Forest can be a nice option. 
The village of Vizzavona represents the limit between the Northern and the Southern part of the GR20 trail. From there, you can join the mountain hut of Capanelle in the South (5 hours) or the one of l'Onda (5 hours 30 minutes) in the North. 

However, if you are not used to long and difficult hikes, as the GR20 can be, there are other hikes available.


Cascade des Anglais ("The English Waterfall")

Distance: 7 km  |    Duration: around 2h50min      |     Ascent/Descent: +300m/-300m       |     Level: Easy

You will follow the GR20 marks (red and white) during the hike and the signs indicating "Cascade des Anglais".
The departure of the hike is at the train station of Vizzavona. Walk up the road on the right (South-West) and follow the signs from there.

This hike is perfect if it's getting really hot (which is often the case during summer in Corsica). You will walk through the Vizzavona forest, sheltered from the beating sun and the heat for the most part. 
After around 1 hour (more or less depending on your walking pace), you arrive to several ponds of natural waters.
The waterfall your are looking for is at the top of them: you can bath and have a view over the valley, the landscapes are absolutely breathtaking ! 

Enjoy your time there before going back to the train station of Vizzavona via the same way. 


Bocca Palmente 

Distance: 11.5 km  |    Duration: 5 hours      |     Ascent/Descent: +760m/-750m       |     Level: Average

The departure of the hike is at the train station of Vizzavona. Walk up the road on your right and follow the GR20 signs (in red and white). You will take the direction of the GR20 Sud (South).

This is a pleasant and pretty easy hike. The path is well marked, the slopes are regular, not too steep and completely safe. You will be sheltered from the sun and heat by a beautiful forest of pine and beech trees. 
This hike is perfect for a first time in the mountains or if you search for a nice walk with your family. 

The path will lead you to the summit of Bocca Palmente, at 1640m, from where you can enjo a magnificent view over the mountains and the plain of Aleria. During your ascension, you can also have a glimpse of the Monte d'Oro, one of the main summits of the island, with its 2389m. 

Contrary to the Cascade des Anglais (see above), this hike forms a loop. You will go back to the train station of Vizzavona via a different route. 
<h2>The Vizzavona Forest - A taste of the GR20</h2>


These hikes are perfect if you are looking for one day activities to do in Corsica. Not too far from Ajaccio, the village of Vizzavona is easily accessible by train. At Discover Corsica, we offer two day hikes with a guide, and one of them is the Bocca Palmente .

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in it or any other activities