Discover Corsica

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Who are we?
We are a small, professional team specialized in hiking. We love the mountains, and we organize your trip to explore nature in Corsica.
Why Corsica?
Corsica is the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean by size. With its warm climate, rich and untouched nature, sandy beaches and wild mountains, it is the perfect destination for nature and adventure lovers.

How to be a responsible trekker in Corsica

Hiking and trekking in the Corsican mountains is often something you have dreamt of for a long time. Well, that’s it, you arrived in Corsica and are ready to begin your trek. But to make sure you enjoy your trek in the best way possible, there are some things you have to do (or not!) as a hiker.

The GR20 - The most legendary trekking experience in Corsica

If you are used to trekking, especially in Europe, it is almost impossible you never heard of the GR20, often designed as the most difficult hiking trail in Europe. The GR20 is a real “star” in the to-do list of many hikers…

But why is this trail particularly famous? What makes it so legendary, and often considered as the toughest long-distance hike in Europe? Is it truly the most incredible trekking experience you read about everywhere? Here are a few answers.

Let's talk about Corsica!

Corsica is the perfect destination for nature lovers. With a warm climate and the variety of its landscapes, it makes it one of the best places on earth to experience a multitude of outdoor activities, without having to go far!